Frequently Asked Questions

BreakPoint Analysis is about giving tennis players of all types and abilities an opportunity to benefit from technology and opportunities that traditionally only professional players have access to. We pride ourselves on innovation, customer service and continual improvement.

How do I know which tournaments will be filmed?

Check out our schedule page for up to date information on where we’ll be filming. We film primarily at Melbourne AMT and Junior tournaments, with plans to cover more Sydney and Brisbane events in the future.

How do I access my matches online?

Within 24 hours of you purchasing your match(s), we’ll put together your own video library and send you the secure link and password. As you purchase more of your matches, they’ll be uploaded to your library (applies to: tournament purchases, and subscriptions).

Do I have to let you know before the tournament that I want my matches?

Certainly not. Matches can be purchased before, during or after a tournament. Most singles matches at a tournament are filmed and kept indefinitely.

Can you film my doubles match?

We generally will only film singles matches. The exception to this is a doubles final match, which will only be filmed if a purchase has been made and at least 30 minutes notice is given before the match. If nothing is said, we won’t film it.

How long do you keep matches?

We don’t have any plans to delete matches, which means if there’s a match you want from a previous tournament (even months ago), it will be available for purchase.

Am I allowed to purchase a video of my next opponent?

No. Vision may only be purchased by an athlete playing in the match, or by a coach or parent of said athlete. We don’t make these matches available to anyone else. Please see our terms and conditions for further info.

What if I don’t want myself/my son/daughter to be filmed?

All athletes reserve the right to decline filming. Consent is given in the entry regulations upon signing up to a tournament, but filming can be opted out of by notifying a BPA representative or tournament referee before or during a match. It will then be up to the discretion of BPA whether the camera is taken down.

Does BPA have the support of Tennis Australia?

BPA has a contract in place with Tennis Australia, enabling filming throughout Australia at most junior and AMT level tournaments.

Is there a time limit on when I can purchase past matches?

No. We don’t delete any past matches, meaning any match that has ever been recorded is available for you at any time.

I love this idea. How can I help?

BPA are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to be part of our growing team or to become an investor to help support the future of Australian Tennis. Contact us through email or phone to discuss.